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Give Yourself A Break From Excess Noise With Soundproofing From Acoustic Supplies

Current estimates are suggesting that the amount of people living in the UK has increased to way over 60 million and that figure is expected to continue grow over the coming years. With an increased population comes an increase in the amount of noise flooding into homes and offices. But there is a solution as we at JCW Wilkins Acoustic Supplies are able to offer a range of soundproofing products that when installed can bring a sense of harmony to a room.

The two main culprits for bringing noise into a room are the walls and doors as they are sometimes not strong or thick enough to withstand the amount of noise generated.

For those places in which it is vitally important that noise is kept to a minimum such as hotels, meeting rooms and schools, acoustic walls can be created simply by adding some of our acoustic sockets into the hole in your wall. You will find them to be a highly effective way of reducing sound, while not detracting from the existing look of the room in question. We have also made them easy to install so that your home can be protected from such noise immediately or if you prefer one of our expert installers can come and fit it for you, wherever you live in the UK.

If you work in an office and have a meeting room were confidentiality is of the essence, then have a look into our wooden timber acoustic doors which can offer a huge 44 decibels sound reduction. As they can be finished in wood veneer, laminate or a paint finish, it means not only will they act as a sound reducer but they can also act as a great decorative addition.

For a full list of soundproofing products download the JCW Wilkins brochure online or call our Northern office on 01204 548 400 or Southern office on 0845 5430164.