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How Best To Soundproof Your Home Or Place Of Work

Are you constantly being hassled by next door at home or by a neighbouring office because they claim that there is an excessive amount of noise leaving your building and flooding into theirs? If so, then you need to look into how to soundproof the property so it can virtually eliminate sound disturbing others.

First of all you should check for any gaps in windows and doors to look for places were sound may be escaping easily and make sure they are closed properly. Installing things like double glazed windows will also help. You need to literally go round the room and assess every possible area where noise may be escaping.

Soundproofing walls can help reduce the amount of sound transfer and a silent board is a lightweight and easy to install way of preventing neighbours from coming round and giving you a piece of their mind! For those working in an office environment, moveable walls and partitions are a great way of blocking out sounds.

You could also look to soundproof the ceiling, especially in the office where ceiling panels can be placed where a high level of sound absorption is required. They can be fixed directly to any vertical or horizontal surfaces or can be installed in a standard exposed suspended ceiling grid system and secured with clips. Do not forget to soundproof floors. There are a number of underlay solutions available.

Silent acoustic doors usually offer around a 35 decibel sound reduction and can be manufactured to your own specifications. They contain only a small pane of glass as its timber structure is the main blocker of sound and they can be finished with a wood veneer, laminate or paint so they will not detract from the existing look of a room.

There are also a number of acoustic fencing and curtains available, as well as noise barrier products on the market if required.

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