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How To Tackle Those Noisy Neighbours

Soundproof Your Home To Deal With Your Noisy Neighbours

We all live such busy lifestyles nowadays that sometimes all you crave is a little bit of peace and quiet. Any excess noise that invades your living space on those occasions when all you want to do is sit back and relax can leave you tearing your hair out in despair.

If it’s noisy neighbours that are the root of the problem then it can be a tricky situation to deal with.

Don’t Get Confrontational

What most definitely isn’t recommended is that you go round and start shouting the odds with those responsible as it’s totally the wrong approach. Such aggression never works and could lead to the issue escalating further and the last thing you want is for the police to land on your doorstep.

Don’t Let Excess Noise Drive You To Despair

If you are confident enough to confront your neighbours then put across your point of view in a calm manner and detail your side of the story. You’ll very often find people to be sympathetic and consequently make a greater effort to keep any noise down. When that doesn’t work it’s time to get in touch with your local council.

They will have a pollution control team who after being informed will usually visit the respective neighbour and notify them that they have received a complaint, whilst reminding them of excessive noise laws.

If the noise still persists then you once again need to speak to your local council who may then try to collect evidence of the noise being caused and if necessary, serve those responsible with a Noise Abatement Order. Any flouting of this notice may well lead legal action or a substantial fine.

Soundproofing Your Home Is A Great Option!

To help you reduce the amount of noise that finds its way in your home try soundproofing too as it’s affordable to buy and install, and can make a hugely positive difference.