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JCW Acoustic Supplies Offers Specialist Acoustic Support For Education Projects

Soundproofing For Schools And Educational Buildings

This year’s Building Schools Exhibition & Conference (BSEC) gave visitors the opportunity to view the comprehensive range of products and services available from the UK’s leading supplier of acoustic insulation products. Architects, contractors and other construction professionals involved in education projects visited stand No: 254 to find full details of the doors, reverberation panels, ceiling tiles, flooring and many other acoustic insulation products available from JC Wilkins.

Available on the JCW Acoustic Supplies stand was the new Guide to Acoustic Panels and Doors which has recently been published. This document underlines the company’s prominence in the education sector and is designed to simplify the specification of effective acoustic solutions for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments. It details the effects of acoustics on the types of rooms typically found in these buildings, and also gives guidance on the type of products which can be used to modify room acoustics effectively. It also makes special reference to the legislation laid out in Building Bulletin BB93 (part of the Building Regulations).

Among the individual products displayed on Stand 254 were:

• The JCW Acoustic Supplies Echo Panel and high specification Echo Fabric acoustic panels. Suitable for use on walls and ceilings, these products provide excellent methods of absorbing noise and reducing reverberation times and can transform a previously unsuitable room into a quiet and practical learning environment.

• JCW Impacta 4551 – a robust acoustic underlay material that attenuates impact sound at source. JCW Impacta 4551 can be bonded to all types of base floors, and is suitable for all floor finishes including ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood, laminates, carpet and marmoleum

• The JCW Acoustic Silent Door Standard and Silent Door Premier products. Offering either 35dB or 44dB sound reduction to suit different applications, these timber doors can be supplied in various wood veneer, laminate or paint finishes. Door sets can also be manufactured to suit individual specifications

• Moveable Wall Systems. Ideally suited to many different education sector applications these easily-operated systems increase the flexibility of existing spaces whilst also providing high levels of acoustic performance

The products in the JCW Acoustic Supplies range are easily available via a 24-hour nationwide delivery service and they are supported by the comprehensive technical advice and guidance which the company is able to provide.

JCW Acoustic Supplies provide the latest Floor Soundproofing, Wall Soundproofing, Ceiling Soundproofing products, materials, installation and advice for noise reduction in industrial and domestic environments. Find out more – visit: or telephone 01204 548400