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Soundproofing Millhouse Animal Sanctuary

  • Project – Millhouse Animal Sanctuary
  • Product – JCW ‘V’ Groove System
  • Dimensions – 16.8lm + 1.2m wide pedestrian gate
  • Prior to Christmas JCW took part in the erection of our JCW ‘V’ Groove acoustic fence system.

Mill House Animal sanctuary

Mill House Animal Sanctuary in Fulwood was facing a bleak decision after the council noise abatement order meant the sanctuary had to erect a soundproof fence to prevent the sanctuary from being closed down and many of the dogs put into a position where they would be put down due to funds.

We were approached by Bob Hartley (The owner) due to a complaint by a neighbour of excessive animal noise. They were threatened with closure unless a sufficient sound reduction was gained. Andy Critchley (JCW) designed an acoustic sound barrier that met the requirements of all parties. The outcome meant that Bob, Pat and Jane could continue their outstanding work within the local community, and more importantly preventing possible loss of life to the animals.

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