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Noise In The Home

Noise in the home can be an on-going nightmare. Settling down to watch your favourite shows or turning in for the night can easily be spoilt by inconsiderate neighbours whose only agenda appears to be making as much noise as is humanly possible. Of course, not all areas suffer with these problems, but large parts of the UK do and JCW are here to help them.

JCW are experts in the field of soundproofing and have been providing sound insulation and noise insulation products to homes across the UK for the past two decades.

When you buy a JCW product you can rest assured that have purchased an item that has been specifically designed to absorb or deflect away noise. Whilst we would never promise that our creations can completely eliminate noise, they can make a very noticeable difference to what is heard between one residence and another.

We Have All Types Of Soundproofing Solutions

We literally have soundproof solutions for every area of the home, inside and out. In addition to acoustic matting, acoustic decking and silent boards, we can provide you with acoustic fencing, gates and barriers that you can fit outside of your home to protect it from passing noise.

Away from the home, JCW can also provide soundproofing for locations such as office, theatres, cinemas, entertainment venues etc. so that you never fall foul of the law, run the risk of being shut down or generally have your enjoyment spoilt by unwanted noise.

Finding the right type of soundproofing is key to ensuring that it is effective. JCW are here to help make sure that you make the right decisions for your specific situation as we want you to enjoy value for money and a quieter life.

Give JCW a ring and you will soon realise just how qualified we are to deal with all your soundproof requirements.