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Noisy Neighbours Driving You Crazy? Soundproof With JCW Acoustic Supplies

Room WIthin A Room Soundproofing

Originally designed for use in music studios, ‘a room within a room’ is now being adopted by wealthy homeowners attempting to maintain a monastic hush in their bedrooms. As the name suggests, it involves putting up internal walls inside existing rooms, with insulated gaps in between – think Russian doll.

While building regulations now in force stipulate high standards of sound insulation in new homes, the rules do not apply to existing properties. Flat conversions of period houses carried out in the 1970s and 1980s are notorious – especially when the shag-pile carpet has been ripped up and replaced by wooden floors that amplify, rather than deaden, sound. Even those with an entire Georgian terrace or Victorian semi to themselves may be more familiar with their neighbours’ private life than they would like. Pity the unfortunates living next door to Steve and Caroline Cartwright in Washington, Co Durham, whose bedroom antics were so loud that they ended up in Newcastle Crown Court last month, accused of breaching an anti­social behaviour order.

All of this means a lucrative business opportunity for the home soundproofers – and their services don’t come cheap. Lindsay Cuthill, a director of Savills estate agency, based in its office in Fulham, southwest London, recently handled the sale of a home with a separate room built within the master bedroom. “The vendor spent £200,000 on renovations, and a great deal of that went on sound insulation,” he says. “The buyer was impressed to know they could be guaranteed an uninterrupted sleep, and by the fact that you couldn’t see any of the sound insulation – it looks just like a normal room.

“Living in London inevitably comes with a degree of noise, and it’s often tricky to work out how noisy a home is before you move in. Buying a home with high-tech sound insulation is one way of not chancing it.”

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