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Places You Should Keep It Down

Sometimes we all get carried away and turn the music up too much or cheer a bit too loudly, but there are some places where that sort of behaviour is not acceptable to the wider public. We’ve compiled a list where it really is a good idea to keep it down.


This should really go without saying, if you’re in a library you should really be talking above a whisper. However, some people thing the library is the perfect place to have an extremely loud phone conversation. Phones should be on silent and if you have to make a call just nip outside or into a stairwell.

The Quiet Carriage on a Train

This is the place where people who’ve had a long journey head to get some peace and quiet. It should be the perfect place to sit back with a book or get some work done. Here’s another place where people think the silence has been preserved just so they can make a phone call. Take your call into another carriage or risk being shushed by an attendant.

Art Galleries and Museums

There’s nothing wrong with being excited about seeing a painting or exhibit. However, the excited noises you’re making are echoing all around the building and distracting everybody else.


Madonna has recently been banned from several cinemas in America for tweeting and texting on her phone. You might not notice the noise you’re making hammering away on your phone, but the people around you will have. Certainly, don’t have a full blown conversation in the middle of the film either. If you try to talk through the film don’t be surprised if people around you start telling you to keep it down.

There’s a time and a place to be quiet but sometimes you need to be loud. For those occasions Acoustic Supplies can provide you with a range of soundproofing and noise reduction solutions to help you minimise your impact on others.

Whether you’re running a recording studio, a night club or you just have a noisy office we have the soundproofing solutions to help you maintain peace and quiet.