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Prevent Neighbour Feuds With Acoustic Supplies

Feuding Neighbours Over Noise

We constantly come across news articles which are reporting on the noisy neighbour’s saga that many people are forced to endure day in day out in urban areas.

One of the most recent incidents which received news coverage was that of a 31 year old male who made neighbours lives hell whilst playing power ballads from the likes of Celine Dion, Chris De Burgh and many more at full blast to the horror of his neighbours.

Initially he had his stereo equipment confiscated but the council were obliged to return it. He then ignored their warnings and has now had his stereo equipment, amps and all speakers taken for good. Had he invested in some quality sound insulation from Acoustic Supplies, he would still be able to enjoy his home duet sessions with the superstars without landing himself in hot water by feuding with his neighbours and the local authorities.

On a more serious note there are many people who are forced to live this way. It may not even be the neighbours fault but people who live near busy commuting paths are forced to listen to the noise of public transport till the early hours of the morning or the sound of passing people on their way to work, school etc.

Master sound reduction to reduce a feud

Mastering sound reduction within your home is not that difficult when you use Acoustic Supplies to provide a solution for soundproofing a roomsoundproofing a room or a whole home. We can recommend the right products for you and your needs depending on the severity of the noise you encounter. You can also soundproof rooms which are affected the most for example if you have trouble sleeping you can soundproof your bedroom to cancel out the noise which makes nights unbearable.

Visit Acoustic Supplies now to get the right solution to block out the unwanted noise of everyday life and to give yourself peace and quiet or to keep your neighbours happy by reducing the sound let out from your home.