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Respect Your Neighbours By Soundproofing Where Required

Soundproof & respect Your Neighbours

When you buy a home, own or rent a flat you have a responsibility to keep the noise down as much as possible. This will help to avoid getting into conflict with your neighbours.

A loud TV or stereo system, barking from your pet dog or just talking loudly indoors with friends and family can all be enough to drive those who live around you to distraction.

You only need to type the words ‘noisy neighbours’ into any of the major online news outlets to see how much of a problem excess noise is in UK neighbourhoods. This week alone consists of headlines such as the below:

The Welwyn Hatfield Times: ‘Police swoop on noisy neighbour

Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette: ‘Noisy neighbour’s turn to face the music’

Surrey Comet: ‘Noisy neighbour evicted from Weybridge home after years of complaints’

The Star: ‘Eviction for noisy tenant’

This list goes on and on… and in some instances can be placed at the feet of people simply having no respect for their neighbours and in many instances being selfish.

Local Noise Regulations

Local authorities are beginning to come down hard on those who don’t adhere to noise regulations in their neighbourhood.

By flouting noise regulations you could be putting relationships with neighbours at risk. Even the home you live in could be at risk, as continuous noise could result in your home being taken away from you. Would you really want to put your family home at such risk?

Things should never be allowed to come to this as there are tried and tested way of lowering the decibels of noise heard by others. Soundproofing is a way of absorbing and reducing the impact of noise so that less of it is able to pass through walls, floors, doors, ceilings etc.

Soundproofing A Room

Soundproofing a room couldn’t be simpler. The first step is to assess and determine where the noise is coming from. Once this has been done then you can start to apply sound insulation where it’s needed most. The great thing about soundproofing insulation is that it is extremely affordable. A price well worth paying compared to what it would cost you were you to lose your property unnecessarily.

Once you have undertaken a soundproofing project, speak to your neighbours to make sure that it has had the desired effect. If not, then speak to your soundproofing company to see what else can be done as there is always a soundproof solution available.

The key to living in harmony in your neighbourhood is to respect your neighbours and community. Soundproofing your home is a great way to demonstrate this respect.

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