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Soundproof To Counteract Increasing Air Traffic

Seasonal Increase in Air traffic Noise

At this time of year as during the summertime there will be a huge number of people looking to get away for the Christmas period.

Many prefer a sunny and warm climate when Santa arrives rather than the cold and gloomy weather we usually get in the UK.

Because of this you can expect air travel to be in very high demand with thousands of flights taking off in the next couple of weeks and airlines putting on more flights to cope.

Additional Flight Path noice increase

For those who live close to a nearby airport it can be a miserable time as increased air travel can also lead to an increase in the amount of air traffic noise pollution.

The walls, ceilings, floors and doors of many new-build and old households will be unable to cope with the excess noise caused by passing planes which will result in many people being driven to despair because of it.

Soundproof your home to reduce the impact of noise.

If you find yourself in this position then you should look into soundproofing as many rooms in your property as you can as it is designed to lower the amount of excess noise that can invade your living space.

Noise insulation can also work in the other way, lowering the decibel levels that manage to make their way out of your home and interrupt others, by absorbing additional decibels that can be produced at this time of the year.

The doors of your home are particularly susceptible to allowing in both draughts and noise. A set of soundproof doors should be put in their place to ensure that you can enjoy peaceful living whether awake or asleep last thing at night.

If you are effected by the noise ofair traffic, additonal road traffic on the way to the airport, or any other area of excessive noise, Acoustic Supplies can help. Speak to a friendly member of our team today and let us know your sound related problems and find out how we can help you.