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Soundproofing Walls With Acoustic Supplies And Cure That Headache

One of the first considerations when moving into a property is whether there is likely to be any noise invading the home. You may be worried about having noisy neighbours or if you have a tendency to play your music loudly, you may worry that they will be able to hear you.  All of this worry can be eliminated when you look into soundproofing with JCW Acoustic Supplies.

One of the common areas which can be soundproofed is the walls of the affected room. One of our most popular products designed to sound proof walls is a JCW Silent Board. The silent board will not detract from the existing look of a room, nor take up a lot of space as they are made of a slim composition, having a thickness of just 27.5mm. It can help achieve lower levels of sound invading and leaving a room and is made up of 100% recycled material. We can install the silent board for you or you can alternatively follow our step by step installation guide.

Living in an apartment can be a luxurious experience, but with neighbors close by and corridors outside your door which people walk through at all times during the day, it can be a distraction. In this case we would recommend that you purchase one of our acoustic doors. A JCW Acoustic Silent Door is high performance timber door which can be finished with a wood veneer, laminate or paint finish and offers a sound reduction of up to 35decibels.

We also have soundproofing solutions for floors, ceilings and roofs and we would encourage you to take a look at our case studies page to see how we have managed to help others with sound issues in the past. Contact us on and tell us what the problem is and we will do our best to come with the soundproofing solution.