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Soundproof Your Home In Time For Festival Season

Festival Season Is Almost Upon Us

The festival season is almost upon us. Although there is no Glastonbury this year, the festival roster still includes the following: Download, V Festival, Reading and Leeds, Bestival and Kendal Calling, not to mention The Stone Roses long-awaited reformation at Heaton Park in Manchester.

For thousands of music revellers, for one, two or three days, it is the perfect opportunity to see and hear all their favourite bands in the great outdoors. For several thousand others, particularly those who live nearby, it could be a living nightmare unless they soundproof their property in time for the summer season.

Prepare Your Soundproof Early

Rather than leave it up until the last minute to make sure that your home is adequately prepared for such noise fro mthe nearby festival, now is the best time to locate and take action on those areas where soundproofing is necessary.

Areas To Soundproof In Your Home

Windows and doors are very often common areas where noise manages to make its way into a home. When the windows and doors age, they become far less reliable at stopping excess noise from external locations. Window frames weaken and single glazing windows simply aren’t thick enough to deal with such commotion from the outdoors.

After the windows and doors have been accounted for, take a look into the walls, ceiling and floors to try and identify if noise is able to pass its way through any tiny gaps. If it is, then you should purchase some relevant sound insulation and put it down as it is a brilliant way of soundproofing a room in the short and long-term.

Don’t allow noise to get the better of you. Enjoy your summer to the fullest by soundproofing. Talk to our friendly team of acoustic experts on the phone, or through the contact form on the website and elts get your home festival friendly!