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Soundproofing Can Help Mute Those Noisy Neighbours

You may have recently after months or maybe years of viewings have finally found your dream home and have just settled into it only to find that you are living next door to the neighbours from hell. That dream house you bought may be causing you a misery and you may be questioning your decision to move. Well you should not feel like that as there are a number of solutions available at Acoustic Supplies which ease any feelings of regret.

Noisy neighbours need not be a pain as we are the leading supplier of soundproofing products in the UK which can be applied on floors, ceilings, walls and in a variety of locations, not just residential properties. They can also be installed in offices, factories, hotels, restaurants, conference centres, amongst many other places.

If the walls are thin at home, then get soundproofing walls with our JCW silent boards, an easy to fit and install thin layered solution, which can provide a noticeable reduction in the amount of sound which can pass through it and into your room. A JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat can bring about an even bigger reduction in sound and is not just reduced to walls, as it can be put on the floor or ceiling should your noisy neighbours live above or below you.

Corridors are often an annoying source of noise, one area in which you would think soundproofing would be difficult to install. But it is easy as all you have to do is purchase a JCW Silent Door, made of thick wooden timber, which is not only a good looking solution, but you will find it no gaps visible, therefore noise cannot get through it.

Speak to us about your soundproofing issues by ringing either of our offices and we will be happy to provide you with the best ideas of turning your home into a peaceful place to live.