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Soundproofing Done Properly At Acoustic Supplies

Make Sure Your Soundproofing Solutions Are Installed Properly

When customers purchase soundproofing from Acoustic Supplies we always reiterate the fact that they need to make sure that their chosen product is installed properly, as otherwise they could be running the risk of it having little or no effect. Just as important is the need to ensure that you pick the right product for the job, unlike the following story from Germany.

‘The Local’, an English-based German news site, has reported that attempts to build a brand new airport in Berlin have taken a turn for the worse after it was discovered that 2,000 nearby flats have been insufficiently soundproofed. The reason being is because soundproofing materials at too low a cost have been used which means that they will all have to be re-soundproofed.

It is estimated that the installation of the correct sound insulation in the 2,000 flats will cost between 500 and 600 million Euros, when originally is should have only cost around 157 million Euros, more than triple the original estimate.

Make Sure You Don’t Waste Your Money

This may be an extreme case but it shows just how important it is that you don’t waste your money when buying from a company such as Acoustic Supplies. Soundproofing must be done right and when it is it can make an enormous difference to the amount of noise heard from home to home.

Rather than run the risk of getting it wrong, speak to one of our acoustic consultants, or even better why not get them to visit your home and install it for you!