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Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed but excessive noise can sometimes drive us crazy. It can also increase stress levels and in some extreme cases it can affect health. If you are being subjected to noise in or around the home, then you need to do something about it before it gets out of hand.

We at Acoustic Supplies produce a variety of sound absorption materials which have been designed to help reduce the amount of noise invading a home, office or other domestic and commercial environments. Soundproofing a home need not be an expensive or time consuming task as all our products are a cost-effective solution and have been crafted to be an easy to install.

When soundproofing a room you need some sort of material to stop sound vibrations absorbing into the space outside of a room. A JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier mat can easily be applied onto your walls, providing immediate noise reduction results in hotels, schools and restaurants.

Alternatively, if you are looking to achieve lower levels of sound in your home, then a JCW Silent Board is the perfect answer. As it is made of an effective but slim composition it means it will not stand out and detract from the way your room is decorated. Soundproofing walls however is not the only way of blocking out unwanted noise.

Installing a thick timber acoustic door is also a good way of reducing noise as the denser the wood, the less noise you will hear outside of the room. An acoustic door is also less likely to allow noise to flood in through gaps at the top and bottom of frames as when installed they are fitted tightly to frames.

Download the JCW brochure online and you will find sound proofing answers for just about every area within the home.