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JCW Acoustic Supplies Noise Reduction Soundproofing

Stop Sound In Its Tracks With Acoustic Supplies

Reduce Levels Of Noise In Your Home Or Business

JCW Acoustic Supplies provide a range of products that can reduce the level of noise that enters your home or business. From floor and ceiling soundproofing to soundproof doors, all of our products are designed to help minimise the levels of unwanted noise getting into your space and causing a nuisance.

All of our products function on the principle that they will obstruct sound from entering your home or business, this is achieved by preventing the sound from travelling into your home. Sound travels in waves, while there are many different types of sound wave the vast majority function in very similar ways. Sound waves travel the easiest through the open air where nothing can obstruct its path, while it can still pass through liquids or solids it doesn’t travel as easy as it does through gas.

Our sound absorption products are designed to create a barrier between you and the source of the noise. This means that by the time any sound waves reach you they have gone through several obstacles which means the sound you hear will be much quieter. This is because the vibrations that make up a sound wave will have diminished.

Our ranges of sound absorption products are available for use in both public and domestic buildings. No matter where you want peace and quiet JCW Acoustic Supplies can help you get it.