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The Most Annoying Sounds You’ll Hear In The Office

Everybody has tales from the office and a co-worker that has annoyed them. Whether they are overly chipper on a Monday or they always come in when they’re sick to spread their germs most people have one thing about the office that bugs them.

We’ve compiled a list of the most annoying sounds you might hear over the course of your day at work.

Eating crisps or popcorn.

Eating noisy food in general always ranks pretty high on most people’s lists. If you’re desperately trying to finish that report and your neighbour is working their way through a family bag of Doritos, it can make you lose your mind.

Slurping tea or coffee

This comes in a close second. Most people find this as annoying as the co-worker that refuses to go on the brew run. Most people find it distracting; others claim this to be the noise that can take them from perfectly calm to a homicidal maniac in 60 seconds.

Annoying ringtones

Most people tolerate the standard iPhone and Samsung ringtones. If they go off all day then people are bound to get irritated. However, it’s the custom ringtones that really get people’s backs up.

Once we were treated to crazy frog and cries of “you’ve got a text message!”, now we get treated to the Top 40 every time somebody gets a call. This is all very well if you like current music, but if you really don’t care for the current No.1 these ringtones can quickly push you over the edge.

Loud typing

This is one of those that you can go a whole hour without noticing, but as soon as you do notice it you’ll lose your mind. It’s like being made aware of your breathing, once you’re aware of it there’s no escape.

Every office has a Woody Woodpecker that types furiously regardless of what they are writing. They could be writing a letter of complaint or a cheery letter to their mother. Either way they are hurting that keyboard and you just really want them to stop.

Office technology

For those on the opposite side of the office to the printer or shredder you might be baffled by this one. The printer only makes a little bit of noise you say? Sit next to it all day.

That little noise can become a constant drone and if you’re trying to concentrate, you’ll notice that little drone and soon you’ll want to just unplug the darn thing.

Love it or hate it, most of Brits work in an office. With the rise of technology and the amount of noise we have to work around it’s no surprise that businesses are looking for a way to keep the noise down.
At JCW Acoustic Supplies we have soundproofing technology that can help reduce the levels of excess noise in the office and restore productivity. If you would like more information on any of our products please visit our website or contact us.