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A Good Nightclub Should Soundproof To Stay In Business

Don’t Take The Risk

UK nightlife has changed dramatically in years gone by. Many nightclubs and bars have gone out of business, partly due to the recession and somewhat to do with the fact that more people are tending to stay at home. However, many nightclubs do still exist in the big cities and it is important that they do everything possible to remain that way. Not all clubs are located away from nearby residential areas and if you are causing excess noise you are running the risk of having your licence revoked.

It is important that young people are provided with somewhere to go with their friends at a weekend and a well run nightclub is a boost to the economy. It makes sense to take into consideration those around you if you are intending on having music played within the venue and soundproofing could make the difference between staying open and closure.

Identify The Key Areas

Carefully identify those areas which are likely to be the cause of noise escaping and invading the space of others. Doors are usually one of the first places you should look towards as traditional doors will have no chance of being able to cope with such decibels of noise. Acoustic doors can however overcome this. They are specifically designed to lower the amount of decibels that can pass through them and come in both timber and metal variations.

Obviously a lot of music will be able to pass through walls and if you have adjoining buildings, there is a good chance that you run the risk of disturbing others. Soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings with appropriate materials can more than solve the problem.

Take advantage of those people who do venture out on a Saturday night and provide them with a nightclub they can enjoy until the early hours of the morning.