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Acoustic Doors Can Substantially Reduce Sound Levels

When sound leaves a building and interrupts others very often you can point towards the door as a reason why. An old traditional door tends to age very quickly, resulting in the frame suffering from wear and tear, with gaps appearing at the side and bottom of the door. Even the smallest of gaps is enough to make sure that sound seeps through into neighbouring homes or businesses, something which could get you into trouble.

Acoustic doors

If you are experiencing something like this at the moment you need to think about fitting some kind of soundproofing measure. Acoustic doors are a much better alternative as they come made in two different types of material, timber and steel. Each of them can bring about a huge reduction in the amount of decibels that can pass through, lessening the possibilities of sound passing through them.

Noise Insulation & Security

As well as providing tremendous noise insulation, a set of these doors can also act as a security measure. The timber and steel used is extremely tough and the locking system applied to them is strong and almost impossible to force. If you run a business which contains expensive equipment and want to be sure that it stays protected overnight, changing to acoustic doors can give you added peace of mind.

The great thing about these doors is that they can be used effectively in a range of different locations. Theatres, recording studios and offices are just an example. Once installed they will act as a sound reducer for years to come and can work in unison with any other soundproof products that you may decide to fit. They will also not be liable to crumbling over time as an old door is sometimes susceptible to.

Sound never needs to be a pain again once you replace that old flimsy door.