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Acoustic Supplies – Putting An End To The Noisy Neighbour

Noisy Neighbours: The Curse of a peacefull home

Look in any local newspaper and you will no doubt find a story about noisy neighbours. People being taken to court due to excess noise with some of them even having possessions such as their TV, CD player and other noise-related items confiscated.

Noise in neighbourhoods has become a growing problem for many and is a very serious issue that we could all do without.

No-one should be expected to put up with excess noise at any time of the day, whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night. It really can drive people to misery and subjecting someone to it isn’t just unfair on those close-by, but it can also have a negative effect on your own hearing.

Preventing Noise Via Soundproofing

JCW Acoustic Supplies is on hand to prevent such instances from occurring as we are the leading supplier and producer of soundproofing in the UK.

Acoustic Products

We offer soundproof doors, acoustic flooring, materials for soundproofing walls, ceilings and floors; you name it we have got it. aLl out prodcuts are manufactured in the UK at our facility in Bolton.

Noise Insulation

Noise insulation is our area of expertise and we have soundproofing options for all environments, not just that in the home.

Whether noise is causing you a headache at home or work, we will have the soundproof answers that you can buy and install yourself. If you prefer, we can even come and visit your home or property and give you the assistance you need to shut out noise.

Initial contact with Acoustic Supplies can be made by either giving us a call or filling in our online form and advising us of your requirements. We will endeavour to give you a reply within a few hours of you getting in touch.