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Be A Real Guitar Hero When You Soundproof A Room

Computer games are now as interactive as ever before, letting you take control of the functionality and making the conventional controller redundant. Games such as Guitar Hero have revolutionised the world of gaming and it has encouraged many people to take up playing the guitar in real life due to the fun gained from it. There is a big difference though between fiction and reality when it comes to guitar playing, with the noise generated being substantially different.

Wall & Room Soundproofing

If you have recently been lucky enough to purchase or be the recipient of a new guitar then you will probably be eager to get down and playing. But, the first consideration you need to make is where in the home you are going to play it and whether that room has sufficient soundproofing so that you do not disturb neighbouring homes. By soundproofing a room thoroughly, you will be reducing the risk of your playing filtering through and annoying other people.

You could start by soundproofing walls as they are most likely to be the main area of concern. There are varying forms of acoustic insulation that can be applied to walls and they come in a choice of thicknesses. Obviously the thicker the material, the less chance that any noise you generate will leave the room, but it will cost you more money. It may not mean that the noise totally disappears, but it will mean that your neighbours will be disturbed as little as possible.

A change of doors could also be in order as a traditional door tends to disintegrate over time and gaps commonly appear at the top, bottom and sides of the frame. Replace it with an acoustic door which is much better equipped to cope with noise.

Play to your heart’s content when you soundproof successfully!