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Soundproof For A Quieter Home Life

Britons get so little time to relax nowadays that it can be extremely annoying when your neighbour/s blatantly disregard your home life by causing excess noise. It can leave you in something of a quandary as whilst you want the noise to go away, you will not want to upset your neighbours in your efforts to ask them to quieten down.

One thing you can very rarely compensate for when buying a home is surrounding noise. When living close to a nearby major road it will obviously result in noise at certain times of the day, but it is difficult to judge whether noisy neighbours will be a problem after a couple of viewings.

Here are a few different ways of tackling all your noise-related issues:


One simple solution is to install soundproofing around your home in those areas where noise is managing to filter its way through. These points need to be carefully identified in order for acoustic solutions to work but when they do they will make a significant difference to the amount of noise you hear between one place and another.


Very often a simple and friendly chat with your neighbours will solve the problem. Ask them round to your home for a cup of tea and they themselves may notice how easily noise manages to invade your home. Gently mention the issue and you may be surprised by their reaction as they may not even be aware of the problems they are causing.

Approach your landlord

If the above fails to work then speak to the landlord and see if there is anything that they can do to help such as install a set of soundproof doors if you live in a block of flats or similarly speak to the neighbour responsible.


Put together a letter and send it to your neighbour as this may be taken more seriously than a quiet word in the ear. Use polite rhetoric within the letter to avoid causing your neighbours any offence.

Put together evidence

Sometimes it can be difficult proving that noise is causing you a headache. Make a video recording that you can use as evidence and pass onto the relevant authorities if necessary.

Contact your local authority

When noise insulation and everything else fails get in touch with your local authority as they take noisy neighbours extremely seriously and hopefully bring things to a satisfactory conclusion.