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Improve Sound Insulation With Acoustic Supplies

Noise is a very subjective subject. What may sound quiet to you may be extremely annoying to others and you need to take those people into consideration when e.g. playing music in the home, as the last thing you want is to fall out with your neighbours.

You also need to be aware that even the faintest of noises at night can be disrupting.

Whatever the sound problem is, you can reduce noise nuisance with Acoustic Supplies sound insulation products.

Before going into the subject of noise more in depth, below is a guide of how noise levels are measured:

0dB         Barely audible
30dB       Quiet conversation
55dB       Female speech
59dB       Male speech
80dB       Inside a sports car
90dB       Road drill at 3 metres
100dB     Noisy factory
140dB     Threshold of pain

Once decibel levels reach over 59 decibels, you can see that it could be particularly detrimental to your hearing if you are overexposed to such noise.

Sound Insulation

When this situation arises you should look turn to Acoustic Supplies as we can help you improve sound insulation by providing products that can be applied with ease when soundproofing a room.

Resedential Soundproofing

We are the leading supplier of soundproofing products in the UK and have years of experience when it comes to offering sound solutions to homeowners up and down the country.

Industrial Soundproofing

We don’t just deal with residential dwellings. We have also previously dealt with sound problems in industrial and commercial environments in the past.

The price you pay for an Acoustic Supplies product will undoubtedly be money well spent as you will notice an immediate difference in sound levels.

This will give you the break from noise that you need when you want to live your home life in something close to quiet.

Our Northern and Southern offices will be able to offer you great advice on all things soundproof-related.