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It’s Easy To Get Distracted

Most people who work in an office will agree that one of the biggest challenges they face is maintaining their level of concentration. Whether it’s the phone ringing, people walking around the office or music playing in the background it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. There are steps you can take to help you maintain concentration at work.

While we are often tempted to work relentlessly throughout the day, it is important to take breaks. Even a small 15 minute break every 2 hours can improve your concentration. Giving your brain the time it needs to relax means that you’ll be more refreshed for the next task.

Drinking water to maintain concentration may seem like an old wives tale. However, drinking water regularly has been shown to help improve concentration. It’s a fact that the body and brain will function better when they are properly hydrated, and water is the best way to stay hydrated.

When you’re sat at your desk for long periods of time you’ll gradually start to feel more sluggish. This isn’t just your mind playing tricks on you, there’s a genuine reason as to why this happens. Sitting still at your desk all day gradually makes it more difficult for blood to circulate round your body, this means less oxygen gets to your brain and this is what makes it difficult to concentrate.

While it’s not advisable that you start doing jumping jacks randomly in the office it might be an idea to try and move around a bit more. Offer to make everyone a cup of tea and use it as an excuse to walk to the kitchen. Use your lunch break to the fullest and take a half hour walk if time allows. This is especially good for those that work in an office near a park.

If you really start to feel your mind wandering and doubt you’ll ever finish another task again, then don’t abandon all hope. Set yourself little goals to give you that final push of motivation. If you’re proof reading a huge document then force yourself to read 5 more pages. If you’re working with data make yourself work for five more minutes. You’ll get more done that you thought you would, and the tasks will seem smaller.

How We Can Help

If the noise in the office is bad enough to regularly break your concentration then it might be time to invest in some soundproofing. Wall, floor and ceiling soundproofing can prevent noise travelling between the walls and floors. To create a quiet place for groups to work in acoustic pods provide the silent environment that staff need to work well.

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