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Rules For Soundproofing

If you run a business and want to continue trading, it is important that you do not disturb those around you. The same rules apply when you are in your home and have neighbours close by. There is nothing worse than excessive noise and it can be severe enough to drive you insane with anger, frustration and fury. It may even get to the point where you want to retaliate against those causing the noise.

JCW Acoustic Supplies was created to avoid such circumstances from occurring as we are the leading supplier of soundproofing products in the UK. Whether it is work or play, we can offer you the very best products to prevent you from begin tagged noisy neighbours.

The whole point of soundproofing is to create a barrier to prevent noise from entering your living space or leaving it and interrupting others. Noise emanates from many different sources, but one of the most common is traffic noise. As the number of people driving has increased, so has the amount of people affected by traffic noise within their home.

Products such as our acoustic enclosures are designed to be put up around the perimeter of your home block out much of the excess noise. They will be effective throughout the year, no matter how bad the weather is and we supply them with a 20 year guarantee, on the basis that installation is completed correctly. If you want to err on the side of caution ask Acoustic Supplies to take care of all installation issues so that you can be sure that you product will work to its full potential.

How We Can Help

We provide fences, gates and curtains, amongst many other sort of enclosures. Contact the relevant sales office to inform us of your noise problems and we will in turn advise you of the recommended course of action.