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JCW Help Keep The Kennels Quiet

  • Client – Kirklees Council
  • Project – Arrunden Kennels – Holmfurth
  • Product – JCW Absorbant sound screen
  • Area – 16.1m @ 4m high

The Issue

Recently, there have been a lot of complaints from surrounding tenants regarding the animal noise coming from Arrunden kennels. The successful, established boarding kennels have been running for over 30 years. However, staff are struggling to see a bright future for the kennels in anticipation of fines through the court, these are as a result of neighbourhood complaints of noise from the Dogs. Unless something is done about the noise coming from the business, The company will be fined heavily. The company will be unable to pay these fines and it will inevitably result in bankruptcy and closure.

Obviously as passionate animal lovers and general hard workers, Arrunden kennels are devastated and unwilling to face up to the fact that this could result In the end of such a successful business worked so hard on by so many members of staff. To Quote Arrunden Kennels themselves they describe their position of futility by saying; “I don’t ever remember a dog having a volume button?”

JCW Will be stepping in and building a 4 metre high acoustic fence in order to significantly reduce the noise levels created by the kennels throughout the surrounding neighbourhood. No volume button installation on the dogs will be necessary! The JCW Absorbant sound screen will make a significant difference to the noise from the kennels, Not only will it benefit the neighbourhood inhabitants but Arrunden kennels can hopefully continue to do the brilliant work they do without having to worry about the fear of fines and closure.

We at JCW wish Arrunden kennels the best of luck for the future and look forward to installing the fence, we sincerely hope the business can carry on as normal and provide a more acoustically friendly environment for the surrounding neighbourhood!