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Keep Takeaways In Business By Soundproofing

Soundproofing Takeaways and eateries

There has been a crackdown from local authorities on establishments accused of creating excess noise at certain times of the day. Thousands of pubs, nightclubs and entertainment hotspots have had their licence revoked or have had to close after complaints from nearby neighbours.

Some local councils are taking things a step further by taking action on eateries and takeaways responsible for a glut of unwanted noise.

Takeaways and eateries soundproofing

Most takeaways rely on the success of night time trade to keep themselves in business, but it can come at a cost as when people visit them at this time of the day it is often after they have consumed a considerable amount of alcohol.

This can lead to people being somewhat rowdier than they normally would be and your shop may be held responsible.

Instead of running this risk you should look to soundproof your eatery as soundproofing is a proven way of cutting the amount of noise that can pass in and out of a confined space.

You should look to tackle those areas most likely to allow noise to filter through to others first such as the front door of your premises.

Soundproof doors

Soundproof doors are the ideal solution as they are thicker than a traditional door and therefore can cut the amount of decibels that can pass through, preventing the likelihood of it disturbing your neighbours.

Even the noise created by a soundproof door when opened and closed will have far less of an impact as your existing door has, a perfect noise insulation measure.