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New Acoustic Supplies Soundproofing Website Goes Live

Our New Website

As you may have noticed the all new Acoustic Supplies website has now gone live. The change has been made as we want to make the site more customer friendly so that you can navigate your way around it more easily, while being able to find the products that you need to reduce noise. We have also improved the way you can contact us, so if you have any sort of enquiry about a product or need help regarding a certain situation, it is very simple to get in touch.

Every single soundproofing solution is catered for on our website, so no matter which area you need to target or what kind of environment you find yourself in, we can help you with soundproofing a room. You will also find all sorts of tips and guidance on our website. So, if you are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge you need about sound absorption, you are very likely to be educated by our informative website.

It is very important you soundproof the affected area correctly and we can help you achieve this goal. There are many different areas that can be targeted including walls, floors and ceilings and you will notice that each area is split into a dedicated section. Our latest news area is also a useful place to look for any advice you may need if you have a soundproofing issue and is regularly updated with tips for you to follow.

Remember, you can contact us online via our enquiry form or alternatively, we now have one dedicated number for to call if you want to speak to one of our sales advisors. You can contact us on 01204 548400 between 8.30am-5.00pm Monday to Friday and we would be more than delighted to help bring an end to your noise issues.