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Help Keep Everyone Happy

Peoples music tastes vary wildly. Some people like industrial metal, some like 80’s pop and there are those that prefer country music. It’s almost impossible to please everyone when it comes to making a playlist.

The music that’s on offer largely effects where people decide to go for a night out as well. The people that go into a venue are choosing to listen to that music. For those residents nearby they are stuck with whatever music the club plays, and if they are forced to listen to loud dance music all night when they prefer jazz it’s going to cause tension in the neighbourhood.

Clubs and Pubs need to have a licence to play Live music. As part of this they should be informed of what they can do to prevent causing problems within their local area. As residents you can complain and request investigations into the venue if noise is a persistent problem.

The Simple Solution

If you own the club then you are faced with a particular dilemma, your customers want their music and they like it loud but at the same time you don’t want to annoy people nearby. There is a simple solution that can save you headaches further down the line.

By investing in soundproofing measures early on you can prevent your club or pub becoming the town menace. Installing floor soundproofing can prevent the vibrations from speakers effecting nearby residences. Installing soundproofing secondary glazing can also prevent noise escaping from high up windows.

Acoustic Supplies has a range of products that can help you and your neighbours keep the peace without you having to cut the night short.