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Noisy Neighbours in the School Half Term

Nearly time for the first half term of the year…… of many!

Don’t Let Noise Ruin The Fun

With parents trying to entertain their children and the weather turning colder, the chances are it means staying in at home more.  Children stuck indoors have no other option but to explore available alternatives to waste their energy at home – slamming doors, running around, TV/music on full blast, friends round and shouting!

We all worry about the issue of noise when in the home – can my neighbour hear my children?  Is the TV too loud?  My neighbours are too noisy?  How do I ask my neighbours to keep the noise down?

Keep The Peace And Quiet!

One way to ensure peace and harmony with your neighbours is to invest in your property’s soundproofing.  JCW Acoustic Supplies have a range of affordable solutions for soundproofing walls, especially the party walls in between you and your neighbour.

How We Can Help

This half term, JCW Acoustic Supplies are offering discounts on our bestselling products for walls – Acoustic Silent Board and Silent Wall.

Contact JCW to discuss your requirements and let us reduce the noise out of your life!