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Yet another story has appeared in the press regarding the issue of noise. Hi-Lo, a Jamaican bar and restaurant in Oxford has lost its licence to play live music for up to 3 months after complaints were received from local neighbours. Instead, they have been told that they can play music at a level that does not require a licence.

The proprietor’s claim that this judgement has resulted in the whole atmosphere of the restaurant being affected as the playing of music at a higher level is an important attribute of the business and has been for the last 32 years.

Excess Noise In Restaurants

This is one of many stories that seem to pop up in news feeds on a daily basis all with the same issue at heart, the issue of excess noise. The more people that live in one place, the more likely it is that the level of noise will increase and this definitely seems to be the case in Britain were the population continues to grow at a fast pace.

Whether at home or at work, it is extremely likely that you will come into contact with some form of noise. Noise is almost impossible to get away from but there are ways of reducing the impact it has upon you and others.

Soundproofing Is The Obvious Solution

The obvious solution comes in the form of soundproofing which can be applied to various areas such as floors, doors, walls, ceilings etc. Soundproof doors are a particularly good way of preventing noise from escaping in and out of a building as they are thick in composure and can help reduce the level of decibels heard on either side.

Noise insulation is what is required to help businesses such as Hi-Lo to go on trading normally. At JCW Acoustic Supplies we have a raft of soundproofing products to help in all noise-related situations. get in touch with us today to talk about hte soundproofing options available for your restaurant.