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Prepare For The New School Year With Acoustic Supplies

In just a week, children across the country will be returning to school and some will be stepping through the college or University gates for the first time. You will all be aware of how much noise can emanate from such places and Acoustic Supplies are on hand to provide you with the solutions you require to reduce the amount of sound that passes through such buildings. We have produced a brochure for such locations full of tips and advice to help you cure excess noise in the most cost effective way possible.

Classroom Soundproofing

If your classroom suffers from poor acoustics, it can have a negative effect on pupils as everyone needs some sort of peace and quiet in order to be able to concentrate and do the best work possible. Soundproofing a room can help transform old Victorian era schools into a place of tranquillity so that neither pupils nor those nearby will be disturbed by such sounds. Acoustic Supplies can provide you with soundproofing ideas as such as acoustic doors which are designed to lower decibel levels in any type of room.

School Sound Absorption

There is no better time to prepare for the new term as schools, colleges and University’s are now empty, so sound absorption products can now be installed ready in time for the first day back. We also have wall panelling available in the form of our JCW Reflecta Sound system which can be conveniently placed and creates a quieter and more comfortable environment. This can also be used in other environments such as cinemas, call centres and recording studios.

If you need any sort of advice or guidance in time for the year ahead, you need to give Acoustic Supplies a call. We can even visit your school or alternative location and provide you with the solutions you need.