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The Amount Of Noise Complaints Is Increasing Year On Year

The level of noise complaints in the UK has been rising over the past few years for a variety of reasons not least due to the growing population and increase in homes being built in close proximity to each other. As the nation continues to expand and effectively shrink, so too will the number of homeowners suffering from noise disruption in the home. As the problem becomes more common place there will be an increasing demand for solutions. Currently the best solution to dealing with noise pollution is to install soundproofing products which work towards mitigating the levels of disruption felt in the home. This article will look closely at several key soundproofing products and explain how their use can help the level of noise experienced from a variety of sources.

Soundproofing in the Garden

Gardens are meant to be havens of relaxation however, those homeowners unfortunate enough to live near busy main roads may find this relaxation distinctly lacking. Fortunately there are products called sound barriers that can be used in the garden which help block, absorb and dissipate the airborne noise from busy roads. These barriers are erected as fences around the perimeter of the property and can massively reduce the level of sound that is heard in the garden. Unfortunately if you suffer from noise created by aircraft then there are relatively few changes that can be made to the garden that will create any useful reductions in sound disruption.

Soundproofing between Floors

Floor and ceiling soundproofing has the ability to reduce the noise disruption experienced from people in above rooms. It can be used both to reduce vibration based sounds, such as footsteps and banging and airborne sounds, such as music or loud talking. Many of these noise insulation products can be retrofitted to any room and do not require any major building work to be installed which makes them a great all round choice.

Soundproofing on Walls

Using soundproofing products on the walls of your property is a great way to ensure that any external sources of noise such as roads, building sites, busy streets etc. are not causing a high level of disruption inside. Again, wall soundproofing is perfect for retrofitting to walls with only the need to wallpaper over the solutions after they have been installed. It is important to note that all soundproofing products work on the concept of sound reduction rather than total elimination furthermore; the best effects can only truly be experienced by using multiple different products in tandem.