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Save The Great British Pub With Soundproofing

The pub is a British institution. Public houses have been around for hundreds of years, but in recent times there has been an increasing number of pubs shut down either because of financial reasons or because they have been causing excessive levels of sound. Many establishments such as this rely on the money they bring in from live music in order to survive and if you get on the wrong side of those who live close-by, it could be the end of your venue.

Soundproofing To Protect Your License

Acoustic Supplies wants to help preserve as many pubs as possible by offering them a whole host of soundproofing solutions. Noise insulation can be achieved in some way with each and every one of them and they could make the difference between keeping your doors open or losing your all-important trading licence. Buying something with soundproof qualities isn’t an expensive difference and can be done at a fraction of what it may potentially cost you if you were to lose your licence.

Soundproof doors can make a huge impact when used to replace the doors leading into your business, home or office. The doors will act to provide good insulation so that you don’t disturb others and they don’t disturb you. The ease with which such doors can be installed also makes them a very worthwhile and useful purchase. We provide in-depth installation guides with each and every product offered at Acoustic Supplies so that you can get your choice fitted and working successfully in no time.

We also do our best to ensure that all doors offer the kind of stylish aesthetics you would expect. Bog-standard doors aren’t our bag. We put designer quality into everything that we do.

Acoustic Supplies will be pleased to help you in any way if you have fears that you could be putting your business at risk.