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Sharing Student Accommodation In Peace With Soundproofing

Soundproof your student accommodation to reduce the amount of noise

When you go to University one of the main incentives for doing so is the social side of things, making friends, partying etc. But at the end of the day the ultimate aim is to achieve the best possible grade so that you can go on and find a job in the profession which most takes your fancy.

A recent survey conducted by Universities UK and GuildHE has found that six out of ten students at Nottingham University say the worst thing about having to share accommodation with their fellow students is the noise created. The last thing anybody needs when they are about to underway with an important assignment is to be disturbed by the chatter or music created by others.

It should serve as a warning to those who own student accommodation or who are hoping to entice students to live in their property as many young people are particular about where they live for this exact reason. If they see that your property could be affected by noise then it could easily put them off the idea of living there.

Take advantage of noisy student accommodation

Therefore why not take advantage of a soundproofing and noise insulation company like Acoustic Supplies before putting your home forward for accommodation. All of our soundproof doors and acoustic matting solutions can make a significant difference to the amount of noise heard between rooms. This means that the occupant of a room will never be forced into banging on the wall asking their neighbour to keep the noise down.

Speak to one of our Acoustic Experts now and let us help you make your accommodation highly sought after!