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Sound Effects From Famous Movies

There’s a number of different sound effects that people will maybe recognise, maybe not. We don’t always pay attention to the sound effects and music which are used in movies but there are certainly some that you will recognise. We’re going to list some of the more famous ones here.

We’ve all seen a film where the bad guy will fall off a cliff or from the side of a building. Well, the scream that always gets used is called the Wilhelm scream. This scream is most commonly used when someone gets thrown from a cliff or from a building. It’s been used in a range of different films all the way from Toy Story to Indiana Jones, and it’s now regarded as a bit of an ‘in-joke’ as it’s so recognisable.

One noise that is regularly used in films is that of a great horned owl. Whenever you hear an owl hoot in a movie, it’s more than likely the same sound that has been used in countless films before it.

Another famous animal sound that is commonly used in movies is that of a long suffering cat. The noise of the cat and also crashing pots and pans is a common thing to hear when something is thrown off screen. Things like this have been used in movies like The Mask to give the effect of something happening off screen.

These are the kinds of effects that can be used to help create an eerie scene in a movie or even to add some humour. We’ve all seen plenty of movies where these effects have been put to good use. Well, one thing that you don’t want to do while you’re watching your movie is to annoy your neighbours.

If you like to have your TV loud when you’re watching one of the latest movies that has come out, why don’t you consider investing in some soundproofing for your walls? If you do, give us a call and see how we can help you out.