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Soundproof And Stay On The Right Side Of The Neighbours

Barely a day goes by without someone in the UK falling foul of the law due to causing noise-related issues. The authorities have clamped down on noisy neighbours in recent years due to a vast rise in complaints from householders which should serve as a warning to anyone with little regard for those they live amongst.

You could be putting personal possessions at risk if you fail to adhere to noise laws. It isn’t unusual for the police to permanently remove noise generated devices e.g. stereos, TV, radios, which can cost you money and cause you huge embarrassment in the local neighbourhood.

It may be the case that you aren’t aware of the problems caused when you switch on electrical equipment and you would hope the people that live by you would inform you of the issue before taking matters any further.

If someone does approach you for this reason then you should do something which eithers mean putting things on a lower volume or soundproofing accordingly.

You can easily do both as soundproofing bought from Acoustic Supplies is both affordable and effective when it comes to providing noise insulation and sound insulation.

We have soundproofing items that can be placed in those areas most accountable for allowing noise to pass out of your home and into other private living spaces so that you can keep on the right side of the law and stay on friendly terms with your neighbours.

It is quite possible that you have no inclination as to where the source of the noise your neighbours speak of is. In that case, you should speak to one of our acoustic consultants who can point you in the right direction and recommend the correct solution.

Don’t let noise be the winner, Acoustic Supplies can see to that.