Acoustic Supplies

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Noisy Christmas Presents

You will finally be aware of what Christmas presents you have been bought by friends and family or you may have given gifts to your children and the first thing you will want to do is play with them. However there will be many of those presents which make a certain amount of noise, so if you have received a Kinect from Santa or given a copy of Guitar Hero to a relative, you need to consider just how much they could potentially disturb your neighbours.

Floor and Wall Soundproofing

If you live in an apartment and are not on the ground floor, soundproofing your floor will be the perfect place to start remodelling your property. Soundproofing foam and acoustic foam can usually be applied and will help restrict the amount of decibels that can pass into your neighbour’s living space, reducing the chances of them complaining when all you want to do is enjoy yourself. You also need to find something suitable for your walls as new-build homes are particularly susceptible to letting sounds pass through into other dwellings.

What many people worry about when they hear the word soundproofing is not only the cost, but they incorrectly think that it will affect the existing décor of their home. Most materials once fitted are virtually impossible to spot and can be applied in such a way that they will blend in with the rest of the bedroom, living or whichever room you need to silence.

It really can make such a difference to a home when used correctly. No one wants to fall-out with their neighbours and this is a sure-fire way of ensuring that such instances never have to take place. It is a much more affordable alternative to having to pay a fine should you cause excess noise on your new play thing.