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Soundproofing Could Protect You From A Summer Of Sport

Soundproof From The Noise Of Sumer Sports

We live in a country full of sports fanatics, something you may be dreading with the next world cup just around the corner. Not everyone gets swept up by football fever but your neighbours may have other ideas.

But if you are fearful that a stream of noise and shouting is going to stream into your home when that all important goal is scored, then do not worry as JCW Acoustic Supplies have a broad range of soundproofing solutions for your home.

Wall Soundproofing

The noise generated is most likely to emanate through the walls so your first train of thought should be about how you are going to go about soundproofing walls. If you want a cost effective way of soundproofing without it detracting too much from the existing look of a room, then why not purchase a set of our sound curtains. They are available in a range of different colours so they can match the décor of a room.

We also have a range of sound absorption products which are designed to reduce reverberation. Our acoustic echo panels can be installed onto walls and are as aesthetically pleasing as you could wish them to be, also available in a variety of colours to suit your needs. Such soundproofing products can not only block out nearby noise and keep noise created inside, but they can also help prevent draughts and therefore reduce energy bills, as you can rely less on your heating systems. It also makes it more likely that your home will stay warm in the cold winter months.

Acoustic Doors

You can slam the door shut on cheers and booing by also installing a JCW Acoustic Silent Door. Made of heavy and durable timber, it offers a 35 decibels sound reduction. So you need not feel that you have to leave home in order to get away from the football.

Contact our sales teams in the North or South and they will be happy to discuss the best soundproofing options for your home today.