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Soundproofing Your Music Venue Is Essential

Essential Soundproofing Of Music Venues

According to the BBC, one of the oldest music venues in the UK is again under threat after having its doors closed due to excess noise. The Globe in Cardiff previously closed in 2010 because of a high number of complaints about noise from local residents, however there are hopes that the venue will be able to re-open in the future.

The entertainment industry has been hard-hit since the recession took hold. The last thing anyone who runs a music venue needs is to be closed down because of noise rather than a poor level of custom. Especially since you can use measures such as soundproofing to make sure that all noise generated inside the venue does not impact upon those who live close or nearby.

Soundproof Doors At Music Venues

There is simply no excuse for not installing soundproof doors throughout the venue as they can cut the number of decibels that can pass through them. When firmly shut they will make sure that the chances of anyone getting a headache because of music played is minimal.

You can even find doors that complement the rest of the venue as noise insulation products such as acoustic doors can be supplied in a range of finishes.

Cost of soundproofing compared to cost of closing!

The cost of a new set of soundproof doors pales in comparison to what it would cost you in lost trade if your doors were to be shut because of the issue of noise. Not only that, but once fitted they will work effectively for years and years so that you never again have to worry about noise threatening you and your venue’s future.

Get an experienced acoustic consultant to visit your premises so that they can carry out a detailed assessment of the building. This will enable them to identify those areas that most need to be dealt with.