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Don’t Let Neighbours Ruin Your Christmas

We are fast approaching the party season and for those not involved it can make some weekends and holiday periods somewhat unbearable as neighbours indulge in some lengthy and noisy parties.

The Number Of Noise Disturbances Is Rising

Once again the news has been littered with banning orders and confiscation of people’s property that is causing disturbances for their neighbours.

In the news this week there has been a highly covered story about a male who had been playing loud music in the early hours of the morning causing serious distress for his neighbours.

This led to the council acting and confiscating seven speakers, a wide screen TV, video player, stereo, Playstation 3 and a desktop computer.

This is how serious the authorities now regard noise from a home when it affects those around them.

How to reduce noise YOU make

There is a simple way to reduce the noise you make and that is by soundproofing a room. You can choose sound insulation products which can cover all aspects of your home including your ceilings, walls and floor.

With the winter well and truly here you need to ensure your home is a peaceful and comfortable place to retreat whilst the weather certainly isn’t nice enough to be exposed to for long periods of time.

You want to cut out other people’s noise and also take into consideration sound reduction of your own noise, to ensure you are considered a neighbour that people don’t detest living near.

We Can Help!

Acoustic Supplies can help with finding the perfect solution for whatever it is that troubles your homes peace.

There are many reasons why people find their home less than tranquil, some of the most popular ones are to do with outdoor transport routes and traffic, people passing on their daily commute and local businesses that cause noise.

You no longer need to tolerate other people’s noise and you can be a responsible neighbour if it is you that causes noise through your hobbies and sound proof your home.