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Unleash Your Inner Rock Star With Acoustic Supplies Insulation

Don’t Let Neighbours Stop You From Being A Rockstar

It can be very hard to be both a rock star and a good neighbour at the same time; guitars, drums and amps maxed out to 11 all make for a lot of noise. What every aspiring rock star needs first is high quality, reliable and affordable soundproofing. At Acoustic Supplies, we have been providing the very best in home sound insulation for nearly ten years, keeping neighbours happy and the music flowing.

Soundproofing Can Come In Many Forms

Soundproofing can come in many forms, allowing you to create your rock and roll kingdom in any room of the house. Whether you want to create a basement recording studio using our ceiling and wall soundproofing products or an attic devoted to the love of all things musical with our floor soundproofing products, anything is possible. All of the products can be fully tailored to any size of room creating completely sound proof box rooms or even an entire sound proof house, letting you focus on the music, not the noise.

We also know that any would be rock star wouldn’t have the time to buy and fit his own studio, so at Acoustic Supplies we have a dedicated nationwide team of talented soundproofing installers. We don’t use sub-contractors so you can be sure that our fully trained professionals create the perfect rock environment on time, every time.

Our soundproofing solutions aren’t just for the home; we can provide sound insulation for pubs and clubs too, letting you create the perfect stage for aspiring rock groups without upsetting the surrounding businesses. We have great experience working with all types of businesses and we can always find the right solution to meet your needs, just visit Acoustic supplies and get on the path to the rock and roll hall of fame.