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Reduce unwanted Noise

Unwanted noise at home or at work can be a distracting and often frustrating nuisance. Here are a few simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce the amount of unwanted noise in your home or work environment:

1. Under the corners of large home appliances, place thick rubber or cork pads to stop excess movement and vibration noise.

2. Place your stereo speakers on stands and off floors otherwise they will vibrate through the floors and walls, turning the whole room into one big speaker.

3. Tall trees and ornamental grasses will make soothing sounds as the wind blows through them. Combine this with some gentle sounding water features to mask any unwanted traffic or indoor noise.

4. Install or replace any weather stripping around all the doors and windows, both interior and exterior, that you can. This will make a dramatic difference overall.

5. Sealing any small opening through which air and noise can enter a room is the cheapest, fastest and most efficient way to block noise. You can test for sound leaks by darkening a room to see where light – and therefore sound – is seeping in.

6. Try caulking all your windows and equip them with gaskets to provide airtight seals.

7. Where you have your kitchen appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher etc – Try lining the cavities in which they sit with sound absorbing materials.

8. Solid timber doors will block out far more noise than hollow ones. Consider replacing any hollow doors in sound sensitive areas.

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