Acoustic Supplies

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Increase The Value Of Your Home

The housing market is still trying to recover from one of the biggest slumps in living memory. Many people who were looking to sell their property have had no choice but to stay put in their current residence due to the lack of people looking to buy. If your home is close to major transport links and suffers from noise this will do nothing to help your cause, but Acoustic Supplies can assist thanks to our massive range of sound reducing products.

Acoustic Supplies was first established to try and assist those properties that were suffering from excessive noise around them. Noise can cause all sorts of problems emotionally, physically and psychologically and very often soundproofing can prevent such things from happening.

How We Can Help

We are the UK’s leading supplier and distributor of products such as soundproofing foam and acoustic foam, a real one stop shop for all sorts of soundproofing products. We have the experience and knowledge to try and help you gain more interest in your home as we know which products will work most effectively in homes. Our consultants are on hand to provide any necessary advice you may need to plug gaps in floors, ceilings or walls.

Not only do we specialise in helping homes achieve reductions in noise, but we have also provided solutions for schools, nightclubs, cinemas, the list goes on and on. What all of these locations have in common is the need to keep noise at a minimum and we are the company to help them realise this.

For those new to soundproofing, explore our site as you will find tips and guidance throughout. The Acoustic Supplies brochure is also a good reference point when you are looking for products. Give us a call as we really do it all when it comes to soundproofing.