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Avoid A Possible Conviction When You Soundproof At Home

Noise Is Becoming A Growing Concern In The UK

As the issue of noise has become a growing concern in the UK, so the punishments handed out by local authorities have become stricter and stricter. Anti-Social Behavioural Orders (ASBOs) are now given readily to persistent offenders, whilst others have had their possessions taken away from them and several have been issued with community service, or in some cases, sent to prison.

The UK population continues to grow at a rapid rate so it is understandable that the level of noise as a consequence has grown with it. The amount of cars, buses, motorbikes, taxis etc. has increased, as has air and rail travel.

To help accommodate these growing numbers of people, housing has also substantially increased so as you can imagine millions of people are living within very close proximity of one another.

When you become a homeowner, you have a responsibility to keep the noise down in your property so this means keeping e.g. TVs, radios, conversations at a low volume as many homes, in particular, newly-built properties, tend to allow a vast quantity of sound to pass into them.

The Areas Most Likely To Transfer Noise

doors of a property, floors and ceilings being the most common issue when you live above or below someone in an apartment block.

If you are unsure as to whether your home is causing others a headache you should first of all talk to your neighbours as this can very often solve the problem. They may be able to direct you towards the exact area where noise is a serious issue and you can then investigate ways in which you can eradicate it.

A proven way of reducing noise in any home is by introducing soundproofing to it. Soundproofing a room can even be done on a tight budget as sound insulation is affordable and effective at blocking out sound waves between neighbouring homes.

Once it has been correctly installed you will notice a considerable difference on both sides of the wall, ceiling, floor or wherever else it is you place it and be able to stay on friendly terms with not just the next door neighbours, but all those who live around you.

Anyone unsure as to how to go about a soundproofing project should employ the expertise of an acoustic consultant as they can point you in the right direction.