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Be on your best behaviour and soundproof your property

Be on your best behaviour when excess noise is a growing problem

Excess noise is a growing problem for thousands of UK homeowners. The walls, doors, ceilings and floors of many new-build properties are simply unequipped to prevent noise from making an impact, whilst there are certain people with bad behaviour who simply have no regard for their neighbours.

Don’t Let Shania Ruin Your Peace!

Within the past few days it was reported in the Daily Mail that a set of noisy neighbours in Newcastle are up in court after local residents complained about them regularly playing songs by Shania Twain until 3.30am in the morning. They also allegedly sang songs through the letterbox of their next door neighbour and posted flowers through it. At one stage the noise created resulted in the light fittings shaking in the flat underneath.

After receiving numerous complaints about the situation the local authority decided to take action and seize many of the noisy neighbour’s possessions. They have also received a fine as a result of their actions with the local authority warning that they take the issue of excess noise extremely seriously and will take a similar cause of action against anyone else who causes noise-related problems.

Having a growing population leads to more noise Problems

Part of the reason for the growing amount of noise in large parts of the country isn’t solely down to the bad behaviour and inconsideration of noisy neighbours. It can also be put down to our vastly growing population as traffic levels are as high as they have ever been which results in a tremendous amount of noise at peak-times of the day.

Whatever source of noise is giving you the most headache there is an answer and solution which though probably won’t totally eliminate the problem, will help lessen its impact.

Soundproofing, when applied in those areas most affected by noise can make a huge difference to your home life as it can turn the loudest din into a mere squeak.

Any money you invest in soundproof products such as soundproof doors will be well worth the long-term investment as once fitted and installed they will supply you with a quieter home for years to come. Noise insulation can also be used in locations away from the home such as cinemas, pubs, theatres, restaurants; the list literally goes on and on.

Those unfamiliar with the concept of soundproofing need to speak to their local soundproofing firm as they can bring you up to speed with how it works. Being a responsible neighbour starts and ends with a soundproofing project.