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Road Traffic Noise

Despite increased calls from the government asking us all to use public transport more regularly, Britains roads are busier than ever before with an estimated 31 million cars on the road. This figure is only expected to increase as the population grows bigger. Now as well as having a damaging impact on the environment, increased traffic numbers also bring with them a high level of noise.

Traffic noise disruption

Many of us happen to live close to, or nearby a major road and it can be extremely annoying when a passing car, bus or taxi causes us disruption. It doesn’t matter whether it happens first thing in the morning or last thing at night, noisy traffic can be a real headache and a difficult issue to deal with.

Prevent noise from entering your home

However, there is a way around the problem. Soundproofing is a proven way of reducing the overall impact of noise and can be installed with the minimum of fuss. All you need to do is carefully identify where most of the noise is coming from and then look to cover it up with a noise insulation solution.

Soundproofing the doors

The front door of your home may be a particularly problematic area where noise is concerned as it will be often be one of the areas closest to a major road and passing traffic. Soundproof doors can replace your existing door and will cut the level of decibels that are able to pass through it so that your front room can be the peaceful place you want it to be.

Many people think that the problem is best solved by moving property, but what if the same issue occurs once you move?

Soundproofing can be done at a fraction of the cost of any potential move and will continue to be effective for as long as you need it to be.

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