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Reduce noise from passing Airplanes

Soundproofing from planes nad airportsIf you happen to live close to a local airport this will be the time of year that you dread the most as millions of Britons will be taking to the skies.

Extra flights to a variety of destinations across the globe are put on to cope with demand as people look to get away with their families for that well-deserved annual break.

Air and noise pollution

With the additional flights comes an enormous amount of air pollution, and most of all from the perspective of the homeowner, a huge quantity of noise pollution.

Flights will be taking off throughout the UK 24/7 so unless you make changes to your home property now you could be struggling to gain essential sleep or general rest.

Soundproofing a room

Noise can easily filter through even the tiniest of spaces in the home. If you spot any gaps between windows, floors or even in the ceiling, you need to take to soundproofing to prevent it from causing you sleepless nights. Soundproofing a room doesn’t require a huge budget as you will often find that sound insulation measures can be purchased for a hugely affordable cost.

Acoustic doors

One area that you should immediately target is the doors of your home. As doors age their frames begin to weaken and they become less reliable at keeping out both intruders and noise. Acoustic doors from Acoustic Supplies are the best possible solution as they are proven to reduce the decibel levels that can hit your living space.

We also have a full range of flooring and ceiling solutions for you to take advantage of to give you added peace of mind.

The subject of soundproofing can be somewhat alien to those who are new to the subject. Those who need further assistance with regards everything soundproof-related should give us a call at the appropriate office.

Soundproof Grant

Homes on a flight path generally suffer from reduced property value, so soundproofing can go a long way to improving the amount of money your property is worth. Many properties living in the vicinity of an airport may also be eligible for grants to help with soundproofing if it is a problem. Google the name of your local airport with ‘Soundproofing grant’ to check eligibility.