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Ever had a hard week at work and looking forward to a nice, peaceful and relaxing weekend only to be warned by your next door neighbour that they are planning on inviting some friends over and it may get a little noisy. A lot of us are too polite to kick up a fuss so through gritted teeth we will say ‘that’s fine don’t worry about it’.

If you turn to soundproofing then you’re right, you don’t need to worry about it. By soundproofing walls you can reduce the amount of noise that feeds through into your living space. We have a selection of insulation products for walls and cavities designed to reduce sound transfer. A JCW silent board is an ideal way of reducing neighbouring noise as it is suitable for lightweight wall structures or existing plasterboard. It is also easy to install and won’t affect the size of your living space in any way.

A call centre is always a busy and noisy hub of activity. If the room suffers from echoing then it can not only be distracting to those working there, but it can make it hard for callers to hear what is being said. JCW Acoustic Echo Fabric is designed to reduce echoing and comes in a variety of colours so that it doesn’t detract from the existing look of the office.

Many office, commercial and industrial environments e.g. recording studios, cinemas, theatres, and kitchens, can create a significant racket. Acoustic doors are the perfect solution. JCW Acoustic Silent Door Premier comes in a fully finished wood veneer, laminate or paint finish and is high performance sound reducing.

The new JCW brochure is now available for download online and also provides soundproofing solutions for ceilings, floors, roofs and curtains. If you would like to know anything further, then fill in the online enquiry form and state your exact requirements and we will be in touch.

JCW Acoustic Supplies provide the latest Floor Soundproofing, Wall Soundproofing, Ceiling Soundproofing products, materials, installation and advice for noise reduction in industrial and domestic environments. Call us on telephone 01204 548400